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Handcrafted dog scarves made in the USA

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A Little About Us

Adventure Scarves is born from the love of dogs and the spirit of adventure.

Dog Bandanas Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado

Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado

Dog bandanas inspired by the outdoors

Curated collections inspired by the outdoors

Adventure Scarves Dog Bandanas

Two friends and their loyal companions; Marnie & Theo

Bandanas for adventure loving dogs

A community of dog lovers & adventure seekers


Adventurer of the Month

Meet pippen

Two-year-old Pip was rescued from Detroit, Michigan a year ago by mom, Sherri, after an unknown history other than a litter of pups. She now has a life right by Lake Michigan where she hikes daily and loves running the beaches and rollerblading around her home. She’s been on trips around the midwest and is great with kids and adults alike. This lucky lady’s love for adventure makes her an easy win for Adventurer of the Month.

Think your dog makes a great adventurer? Email us at with details and pics for a chance to be featured as Adventurer of the Month and win a free scarf!


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