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Purchase a scarf from our new Public Lands Collection and we'll donate $4 to save public spaces — it's an all-around win! 


Why are public lands important?

Making up 640 million square acres, public land protects  cultural, historical, and ecological spaces important to America and Americans. These spaces — from the expansive Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument in Utah to South Dakota's Jewel Cave — cannot be destroyed or sold, and effectively belong to every American. 

Public land allows for an even playing field. All Americans, wealthy or not, are able to fish, hike, camp, hunt, and climb these lands. Privatizing land usually results in hefty fees to do the same thing, or removes that possibility completely.

Public land also speaks to our heritage as a country, both geologically and culturally. Bears Ears National Monument in Utah is home to ruins carved into cliff sides where native tribes lived over 800 years ago. Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument contains five life zones, from low-lying desert to coniferous forest, and is a hotbed of information surrounding the geological and ecological history of the western United States.

Opening public lands up to private use and sale effectively and eventually destroys them and, along with them, the knowledge they give us that can help us understand and appreciate our country's past, and prepare for its future. 

Public lands belong to us and to future generations. fight to protect them now. 

$4 from each scarf is donated to organizations who preserve our natural spaces.



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